Movie Review: Jurassic World

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I was excited to see Jurassic World this past weekend, and it turns out everyone else was too! The theater was packed! (I also heard it had the highest opening weekend ever at over $500 million).

Jurassic World takes place 20+ years after the disaster of Jurassic Park. Despite that disaster that took place in the original, things resolved and time had been kind to the park. It had since turned into a super popular theme park. Unfortunately, revenue recently went down so Jurassic World has to come up with a new attraction... they genetically engineer a new dinosaur that's bigger and badder than the rest! But greed becomes problematic, as this new dinosaur causes chaos in the park.

Jurassic World was a super fun movie that I think everyone would love. There were moments during our showing where people clapped and laughed, and at the end there was all out applause. I really enjoyed the performance by Bryce Dallas Howard -- she played an uptight, Type A operations manager at Jurassic World. Her nephews come to visit the park and it's obvious she has not maintained a relationship with them or know anything about them. I guess her role was sort of stereotypical in a way, but she did a good job with it. One of the funny/unrealistic things about the movie was that she ran around in her high heels throughout all the action... LOL. I guess that's not any more unrealistic than live dinosaurs. Chris Pratt is obviously the other big star in the movie. I liked his character. He played sort of a "badass" and did a good job with it, but I don't have much else to say about his character except that I liked the interaction between him and Bryce Dallas Howard.

The action in the movie picked up from the beginning. The visuals were great. The park was huge and gorgeous. And I think the dinosaurs looked realistic. There was also the theme, similar to Jurassic Park, of the dangers of being greedy and making decisions that prioritized that.

Overall there was a lot of action, plenty of funny moments, and was a fun movie for adults and children alike. Would be a great movie to see as a family.


Ti said...

I can't wait to see it!! I don't typically see a movie when it first comes out because of the crowds but my son saw it and loved it. I hope to see it soon. I heard from my son that it was very, very bloody and that my daughter might not want to see if for that reason. What do you think?

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