Mini-mini Reviews #3

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I decided to go back and do a bunch of mini reviews for all the books I read but failed to review over the past two years. This will make me feel sort of caught up and refreshed and maybe will help me be motivated to keep up with reviewing what I've read this year! Some of these will be very mini since I can't remember them that well. This is batch #3.

Title: Jaws
Author: Peter Benchley
Pages: 352
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday (Random House)
Pub. Date: February 1, 1974
Audio Publisher: Blackstone Audio
Audio Time: 9 hours, 37 minutes
Audio Narrator: Erik Steele

I had this on my list ever since Ti read it a couple (few?) summers ago, so I finally got around to it this past summer. I listened to this on audio. Overall I enjoyed this book, but I did not find it scary, necessarily. It was comical to me how the city was run... the sheriff was in charge of dealing with the shark, etc. Not sure if that is a 1970's thing or just how this fictional (I'm assuming) town was written. Although I enjoyed the story, there was one part that I thought was so completely out of place that it sort of turned me off of this book (in the way that that one scene in Stephen King's It... those who read It probably know what I mean). In this one, two of the characters are sort of flirting with each other and they have this entire exchange where the one asks the other about her sexual fantasies and they go back and forth etc. and the issue I had was not with the content but with the fact that it added nothing, whatsoever, to the story and felt so completely out of place. I couldn't help but think the author was inserting his own fantasy for no reason at all. But otherwise good and I did follow this read up with a re-watch of the movie (which was not as great as I remembered, LOL).

Title: A Game of Thrones
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire #1
Author: George R. R. Martin
Pages: 807
Genre: Fantasy; Historical
Publisher: Bantam Books (Random House)
Pub. Date: August 28, 1996

My husband has read this one many times and has read many others in the series. I decided to give it a go before we started watching the show. It was outside my genre but I found it interesting and scandalous and surprisingly easy to read. I have chosen not to read the rest of the series because there is just too much and they're too long and I'd rather just watch the show, but if the show hadn't come out I would have considered more. (This opinion is not typical, but I think this is because it is so far out of my typical genre).

Title: Into the Abyss
Subtitle: An Extraordinary True Story
Author: Carol Shaben
Pages: 287
Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette)
Pub. Date: May 21, 2013

I asked for this non-fiction one for Christmas 2013. The story wasn't as crazy interesting as I thought it would be which I feel bad saying because these guys did survive a plane crash and were stranded for hours in the freezing cold before rescue. But that part of the book was fairly short and much of it focused on the lives of all the men. There was a lot I learned about planes and piloting and the dark side of the private airline industry (scary!) And the whole story regarding the prisoner's life was really sad. I found this book to be okay but did think it was a great way for the author to tell her father's story.

Title: Everybody's Got Something
Author: Robin Roberts with Veronica Chambers
Pages: 272
Genre: Non-fiction; Memoir
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette)
Pub. Date: April 22, 2014
Audio Publisher: Hachette Audio
Audio Time: 7 hours, 18 minutes
Audio Narrator: Robin Roberts

I am a huge GMA fan (Good Morning America) and, therefore, also a big fan of Robin Roberts. (I even saw her and the GMA cast in person back in 2010 when we were in NYC. I was part of a small group that watched her interview with Steve Harvey which is funny because I recently was in the audience at his show. But anyway...) Fans of Robin Roberts have followed her journey as she first battled breast cancer and then later myelodysplastic syndrome which was a complication of her treatment from cancer and was also a life threatening illness. I listened to this one on audio, read by Robin herself, and easily got into her story. I do think that people who don't know her would enjoy this book as well, but fans of hers will definitely enjoy this. I always like hearing about the interactions of the GMA staff and how family like they really are, which she talked a lot about. And I was surprised how much she talked about her relationship with her partner as well and a nice glimpse into her life.


Ti said...

Jaws. Yes. I know the part you mean and I did not like it one bit. This is one case where I enjoy the movie more. But I love that you read it. It makes me want to see the movie again with it being summer and all. Ah, the smell of Coppertone is in the air ;)

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