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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Looks as though I got myself in a little over my head with my reading "commitments" this past month after doing so well the month before! Somehow I ended up committing to the read-a-long for Something Wicked This Way Comes which I did start... to Frankenstein with my husband which I did start... to Cartwheel with my sister which I did start... any one recognize a pattern? Not to mention I had been slowly making may way still through The Stand but haven't looked at that one in a while. Really, I haven't done much reading at all lately. All the same reasons. Yesterday, I finally picked a couple books back up again and got a lot of reading done. I've been sick (again) so I spent all day Saturday at home.

As for Frankenstein, up until yesterday I'd only read a couple chapters and was really not into it. My husband felt the same way. And does it seem like every book written in the 1800's is in the format of someone writing a letter to someone else about the narrative of someone they met and that's what the actual book is? Seems like I've seen a lot of that! But yesterday I did get a lot further and it's picked up a little.That being said, it is a ridiculous story in many ways and you have to be willing to suspend disbelief. I'll explain more when I'm done reading it!

Something Wicked This Way Comes I am also not far in at all, but the story itself was reminding me every so slightly of Stephen King ONLY because of the theme with the two young boys... cue It or Stand By Me. I will get back to this later, but probably not one the read-a-long schedule.

Cartwheel, based off of the Amanda Knox story, is one I have been wanting to read for a while. I happened to be with my sister recently at Barnes and Noble and she decided she wanted to read it and that we should each read it together. Plus we get extra points for it on our family reading challenge... (have I mentioned that before)? As part of that we each identified five books we wanted to be sure to read this year and we all get extra points if we read any off the entire list and that's on there. Again, I'm only shortly into this one, but wow, the main girl (the one who would be the Amanda Knox of the story) is very difficult to like!

On the blog front, has anyone else with blogger had issues renewing the payment for their domain? I initially had a whole paragraph about this but decided better of it... don't want to insult the owner of the blogger platform I'm using! Suffice it to say, my balance is paid and I am good to go, but it was not easy!

On another blog related note, I've always felt pretty strongly about keeping this blog strictly about the books, but I decided that I'm going to post about other things every now and then... it's ridiculous that I feel a weird sort of guilt or unease about this!! But the other things I plan on posting about, so far anyway, are all still related to the theme of "taking me away" and being an escape from the often harsh realities of every day life! Tomorrow I will be posting my review of Halloween Horror Nights which I attended last weekend!


Sandy Nawrot said...

We LOVE HHN, but sadly I have yet to go this year. The plan was for my son and I to go with friends but there was a death in the friends' family and it got postponed, and at this point don't know if it will even happen. I say talk about what takes you away, and maybe the rest of us can learn!

Anita LeBeau said...

My son went to HHN this weekend and he had a great time. I'm not sure I'd be as into it. Good luck getting into your reading mojo

nomadreader said...

I've been meaning to read Cartwheel for forever! And I'm glad to hear you'll be writing about other things too. I had a hard time initially making the switch to write things besides book reviews, but I'm so glad I did.

Ti said...

I say post about whatever you want! It's your blog after all.
I read Cartwheel and didn't love it. I felt like the author left a lot of stuff hanging but it was a hard one to put down and it's soooo similar to the real life story that I think I wanted even more detail, maybe?

Something Wicked. I am going to remain on schedule with it but I will be reading part two tonight while at rehearsal tonight.

Michelle Pelletier said...

Don't feel guilt. I didn't read your HHN post because I'm a scaredy cat, but whatever, blog on!!! I love reading what you write!

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