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Sunday, August 31, 2014

I know it's been a while, but I am back for now. (Does the Sunday Salon image above look a little blurry to you?)

Anyway, I have been experiencing some extreme stress and anxiety lately and have found that escaping into reading again (and doing some blogging, even though I haven't posted yet) has been a great solution. The main thing we have still been dealing with are our fertility issues. I don't know where I left off, but after four failed IUIs and two canceled cycles, we ultimately decided to go the IVF route. The process was surprisingly emotionally difficult. It was, unfortunately, unsuccessful, which is also scary because other than trying this again (which is the current plan), we are coming up on the end of this journey. Very depressing. Very anxiety inducing. So, with all the stress at home, I have been letting work stress (which seems extra high lately anyway) really get to me!! I need a vacation so bad. Soon we will be attending a family wedding out of state, but I have a strong feeling the festivities for that week will not help me feel at all relaxed.

Okay, so in books... I recently read The Three by Sarah Lotz which I have written the review for and will post soon. I am really looking forward to some other fall reading I have planned. (My husband and I have Frankenstein planned for our annual read together). But otherwise I am reading Bad Feminist which I am enjoying. And I am re-reading Beautiful Ruins, which I loved, for book club in September. (I just looked back at the comments from when I wrote that review, and now I am thinking maybe I should listen to the audio this time around since I just started the re-read! But just looked at the library and they only have the audio on actual cd... so I have it on hold. Hopefully I'll get it in time to listen before book club!) I am also reading Five Days at Memorial which I was so excited about reading when it first came out but then never got around to it. I also need to finish re-reading Gone Girl before the movie comes out!

That's about it for now!


Juju at Tales of said...

I'm so sorry to hear your treatments haven't worked. I hope this next one takes and you find some downtime at this wedding. I love attending weddings.

Sandy Nawrot said...

It is so hard! There isn't anything I can tell you that will help, and most likely it would just piss you off. I've been there, so I get it. There have been very few other struggles in my life harder than that time when we wanted children and hit wall after wall. It is stressful and unfortunately that only makes things worse. I will say a prayer that things work out. You are at least digging into some great books. Five Days at Memorial is incredible, and I am so excited for Gone Girl!

Anita LeBeau said...

I'm happy to see you posting, but I'm sorry to hear about your stress. I had my own fertility problems and yes I agree that stress was very difficult. When having a child, which seems perfectly natural and normal is evading a couple the emotions are beyond being able to put into words. Looking back I know now we were very lucky and that all those tests, procedures, failures and re-tries brought us closer and eventually our children, but we were just lucky. I will be thinking of you, and know you have a friend, even though talking about it doesn't always seem to help I know. Reading is good. I have the audio of both Beautiful Ruins and Five Days at Memorial in my audible account, I just haven't listened to yet.
I also have to read Gone Girl before the movie comes out!!

Irene McKenna said...

Jenny, I am so sorry you and your husband are going through this. I went through a brief period of infertility and several miscarriages, which was emotionally exhausting and triggered anxiety and depression. I can only imagine how difficult your journey has been.

It looks like you are reading some great books. Frankenstein is a sad novel, but it is a terrific choice for a book to read together and discuss.

Jenny said...

Thank you all for your support!!

So, I just realized that for those who put an email with your comment, it goes to my regular email. I guess if you don't have an email affiliated with if then it goes in my "social" box on gmail and I can't reply directly!

Michelle Pelletier said...

I am so very jealous that you and Jason read together (even if it is only once a year!) Jamie is currently plowing through all the Game of Thrones books and I just can not get into those. Bleh. The last book we read together was when The DaVinci Code was about to become a movie!

I think about you and Jason all the time and really hope you find some peace soon. <3

Ti said...

Oh Jenny, I will pray for you. I can't imagine the stress you must be going through right now.

nomadreader said...

Oh, Jenny! It is so good to have you back blogging, but I am sad there is not better news on the IUI/IVF front. I can't imagine what y'all are going through. This time last year we were starting to decide at what point we would talk about going through those if we still couldn't get pregnant, and the very thought of it was so hard for me to imagine enduring. I so wish y'all will find success with this round. Sending all the positive thoughts your way!

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