Review: That Night by Chevy Stevens

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Title: That Night
Author: Chevy Stevens
Pages: 370
Genre: Fiction; mystery/thriller
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (Macmillan)
Pub. Date: June 17, 2014

I read two of Chevy Stevens's previous three books, Still Missing and Never Knowing, and found both to be great thrilling and suspenseful reads. So I was happy to have the opportunity to read her latest.

In That Night, we follow the story line of Toni, a woman in her mid-thirties, who has spent almost the last twenty years in prison for the murder of her sister. The only issue is she was falsely accused and no wants to find out what really happened. The book is told through two different timelines - the current one in which Toni is trying to be straight and not get in trouble with her probation officer while still trying to find out the truth about who killed her sister - and the past story line from when she was a teenager, was arrested, convicted, and then her time in prison.

This was a fast and suspenseful read that kept me guessing. I did guess one thing but was still surprised to find out I was right about that. I disliked some of the girls in the book, but it does well at depicting high school cliques and bullying. The author's reference to pop culture and trends was so reminiscent of junior high for me (the character is in high school) and transported me back to my 1996 as well! The relationship between the main character and her sister bugged me because I wish they were closer, and the mom in this book made me so mad! But that was just part of the story and not a writing or character issue. ;)

I would definitely recommend this for fans of this genre.


Ti said...

I won a copy of Still Missing but never read it. I have to be in the right mood to read this genre.

Michelle Pelletier said...

I'm torn on whether I want to read this or not! I think like the above commenter said "I would have to be in the mood" to read something that would take me back to high school. It was both good and bad, haha!!! I'm very intrigued from your review, though. It's going on the LIST!! Thanks, Jenny!!!

nomadreader said...

I still haven't read Stevens, but I keep meaning to. I think I'll start with her first book--these might be great ones to read soon after the nomadbaby is born. I'm planning a mystery-heavy load then!

Jennifer said...

This sounds like an interesting read. I like the way it sounds like there is a mix of suspense/thriller and some examination of relationships. That blend tends to work really well in my humble opinion.

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