Sunday Salon

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I miss blogging and I miss the book blogging community, but I am enjoying the freedom from obligation. I am still torn over what I want to do with the blog, whether I should blog about other topics, etc. But I say that every time I'm here and then I end up not posting anything in forever anyway... I am still working on getting some more reviews done too!

So recently I decided to delete my google+ account which I never used. I hesitated for so long because it makes it look like it will delete EVERYTHING google which includes my gmails and this blog, but I finally did it and it was fine. BUT, before I did that I had started deleting all pictures I had connected to my google account and didn't realize I was literally deleting all the pictures off my blog!!! So now every post I've ever written is missing a picture (except for the few I fixed). My big project is to replace them all.

On a related note, does anyone know how to back up a blogspot blog? I really think I should do that before I end up losing all my posts too, but I'm not sure how!

In reading, I finished Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche not too long ago and it was really difficult for me to read anything after that for a while! I will post the review for that this week. It was a heavy, but very good, book. It took me a few days to be able to pick up another book, but I decided to return to my comfort reads/authors and am now working on Fly Away by Kristin Hannah which is not currently keeping my attention. :(

Things have been going well for the most part otherwise. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past week. We dressed up and had a great dinner at Eddie V's. Yesterday my husband and our friend spent the day at Megacon, the local comic book convention, while we girls walked around the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. In terms of fertility treatments, we're working on a fourth since the first three didn't work. This is our last of this type of treatment before we talk about the big major kind!

That's all for now.. Hopefully I'll post some more reviews soon!


Sandy Nawrot said...

My son was at Megacon Saturday and today with his buddy and his buddy's dad. They spent the night at one of the hotels, and I had to run something out to him, and OMG the people watching is worth going alone! Good luck on the fertility treatments. Not a fun process and very emotional.

Booksnyc said...

You seem to be in a similar place as me with the blog - I am still considering what to do going forward. I have heard great things about Americanah - the author had an event here with Zadie Smith but I was not able to get tickets in time. It sounds like such an interesting book.

Ti said...

When I had Blogger, I backed up my exported the files. Google exporting for BlogSpot and you'll find the info. It was easy.

Why don't you just post when you want to and just remove the obligation piece? Some people that post infrequently have switched to Tumblr because it's easy to just throw up a quick post,. even from your phone.

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