2012 UCF Book Festival Authors & Reviews

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had hoped to have a review or two ready for today for authors that will be there this year, but things happened and I wasn't able to get to it. So I thought I'd feature some of the authors (and their books) who will be there this year.

Daniel Palmer has written Delirious and Helpless, both of which have been reviewed here on my blog. I really enjoyed both and felt like Delirious was quite the ride!

Bio from bn.com: Daniel Palmer spent a decade as an e-commerce pioneer, helping to build first generation websites for Barnes & Noble and other popular brands. An experienced musician and songwriter, Daniel has recorded two CDs and licensed his songs for commercial use. A graduate of Boston University, Daniel lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two children. 

 His father, Michael Palmer, will be there as well. He has written many medical thrillers. I reviewed here The Last Surgeon. I read The First Patient as well, though that was before I was blogging regularly. I enjoy thrillers, but I typically like for them to have something different about them, so I love the medical aspect to his stories. I'm actually surprised to see that I've only read two. My parents are huge fans of him so I'm always looking out for his books for them, but looks like I need to catch up! I've got A Heartbeat Away sitting here to read as well! (The first book my parents read by him was Critical Judgment which they LOVED!!)

Bio from bn.com:
MICHAEL PALMER is the author of fourteen previous novels of medical suspense, all international bestsellers. In addition to his writing, Palmer is an associate director of the Massachusetts Medical Society Physician Health Services, devoted to helping physicians troubled by mental illness, physical illness, behavioral issues, and chemical dependency. He lives in eastern Massachusetts. 

Ellen Hopkins's books have been controversial because of the material. But their raw nature and honesty have gained many a fan. I loved Crank (which I believe was the first published book) and its sequel Glass. I didn't feel quite the same for Tricks which garnered a comment about me seeing the world through "frosty lenses". Ah well, I disagree, but she is super popular and will be there as well. 

Bio from bn.com: Ellen Hopkins has been writing poetry for many years. Her first novel, Crank, also written in verse, met with critical acclaim. She lives with her husband and son in Carson City, Nevada.

I've read two of Joshilyn Jackson's books (Gods in Alabama and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming) but both were prior to my blogging days. I thoroughly enjoyed both!  

Bio from bn.com: If Joshilyn Jackson knows one thing, that would have to be what it’s like to be southern. Born in Atlanta to a family of “wild fundamentalists,” Jackson writes smart, funny, dark works of the southern gothic sort. Her debut novel, Gods in Alabama, was a major success.

Make sure you plan on being there, March 31, 2012!


Meg @ A Bookish Affair said...

I recently read Triangles by Ellen Hopkins (her adult book). It really made me want to read some of the YA books that she's written.

Mrs Q Book Addict said...

I enjoyed Triangles as well. I hope you have lots of fun!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I just saw Joshilyn Jackson at the Tucson Festival of Books, and she was just so charming and funny and wonderful!

Anita said...

I'm reading a Jackson's newest book now. Can't wait to rmeet her.

Jenners said...

I so wish I was able to go … I'd love to see Joshilyln Jackson.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

SO jealous of Joshilyn Jackson! I'm listening to A Grown Up Kind of Pretty right now and it is nothing short of totally awesome.

Heather @ Book Addiction said...

I'll be there! I will probably be tagging along with Heather and Sandy since I've never been to a book festival before (I know, right?!) and I can't wait! Very excited to see you again, Jenny!

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