Holiday Awesomes and Givaway Winner!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hello everyone! I'm a little late on the Book of Holiday Awesome giveaway. Here are some of the responses I got about everyone's "Holiday Awesome"!

Meg at Write Meg said, "Listening to Hanson's "Snowed In" holiday album while decorating the Christmas tree with my family. It's a tradition more than 13 years strong!" 

Anita at A Woman, a Wife, a Mom said, "Wow, there are too many! 
1. Peppermint white chocolate mocha at Starbucks.
2. Making special once a year cookies with my kids."

Kirsten said, "I love having my family all together now that I have a child in college. And the food - pies, christmas cookies!"

Mary said, "Does putting up the Christmas tree count??"  (Yes, Mary, it does!!)

Heather at Raging Bibliomania said, "Houses that have Christmas displays in the yard!"

Ti at Bookish Chatter said, "Every year we take two kids with Downs Syndrome to look at Christmas lights. These "kids" are not even kids anymore! We've been doing it since my son was born and he is 13 now! We get hot cocoa, I make cookies and we drive around listening to the Brady Bunch Christmas CD. If that's not awesome, I don't know what is. "

Liz said, "Like the overlooked holidays that can offer cheer amidst dreary days."

Carrie at Nomadreader said, "Miracle on 34th Street (1994 version)"

Kristin from Kritters Ramblings said, "Every year since we have lived in the DC area (3) we have made a date to go see the national christmas tree and get a picture taken." 

Mary from Bookfan said, "I love Christmas music (but not before Thanksgiving). And then I love putting the ornaments my children made when they were young on the tree. So many memories tied up with those! Awesome."

Thank you everyone for sharing!! And now the winner of The Book of Holiday Awesome is....

Mary from Bookfan!!!


Meg said...

Fun responses! It's so nice how everyone has their own holiday traditions, and they're always so varied.

Zibilee said...

Congratulations Mary! I loved reading these responses, and they helped me get a little bit more cheerful this holiday season!

Ti said...

Congrats to Mary!!

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