Armchair BEA: Day 3

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This week is Book Expo America in New York City, the biggest publishing industry event in the country. I was very fortunate in being able to attend last year and am pretty devastated I can't attend this year. So in the meantime, I am participating in "Armchair BEA" which is an event for those of us bloggers who couldn't make it to the event in person!

Today we are doing interviews! I was fortunate to interview Bea from Bea's Book Nook.

1. Tell us a little about your reading life biography (have you always enjoyed reading, where do you read, what do you like to read, etc.)

I have always loved and can usually be found with a book or my kindle, if not on me, then very close by. I always put my kindle in the purse in case I have time for reading during the kids naptime (I teach pre-school). I'll read anywhere - in the bathroom, in the subway, at work, at home, inside, outside, anywhere there is reading material. :D If I'm really bored and nothing else is available, I'll read the ingredients list on a bottle of detergent while I'm in line at the grocery store.

As for what I like to read, these days I mostly read paranormal fantasies, mysteries, and romances, but I also read childrens books, educational research and theory, some psychology and sociology (related to my teaching), general fiction, and anything else that catches my eye. If it catches my eye, I look it over; if I'm intrigued, I read it.

2. What brought you to blogging?

I enjoy talking about books, sharing my excitement and discussing them with others. I belong to several author discussion boards and one of the things that I loved about them is being able to discuss them. No one else in my "real" world enjoyed fantasy books or felt as strongly about reading as I did. Blogging and reviewing seemed a natural extension. Some acquaintances of mine were, and still are, blogger/reviewers and they helped me get started.

3. What's the best thing about blogging? The worst?

I'll answer in reverse order, lol. The worst, for me, is actually a tie between writing, and making deadlines. I love reading, but I don't actually like writing. Deadlines, in all areas of my life, are the bane of my existence. I am SUCH a procrastinator, I'm my own worst enemy. The best thing would probably be the people I've met - readers, authors, other bloggers, etc. I'm not a social butterfly by any means but I've really enjoyed talking to everyone and getter better acquainted with some of them.

4. What has been your favorite read this year?
Only one? LOL Really, I can't pick just one. Hmmm, I've really enjoyed "The Gathering" by Kelley Armstrong, "Undertow" by Moira Rogers, "Dark Descendant" by Jenna Black, "How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf" by Molly Harper, and "Range Feud" by JA Campbell.

5. If for some reason you weren't allowed to read for an entire year, what would you do with your free time?
Find a way to read, No, seriously, I would. In between, I'd be watching tv, hanging with friends, making soaps and bath salts (another hobby of mine), volunteering more often with Habitat for Humanity, and playing with my cat,

6. What's your favorite book of all time?

You ask hard questions! I think it would be one of these three: "The Tiger's Woman" by Celeste de Blasis, "The Hobbit" by JRR Tolkien, and "The Unlikely Ones" by Mary Brown. They are well-written, imaginative, emotional but not tear jerkers (ok, maybe "The Hobbit" isn't a tear jerker :D) grab you from the first page.

7. Have you been to any memorable author/literary events? Do tell!

Yes! :D :D In January I went to Arisia in Boston where I got to have dinner with Kelley Armstrong. I'd actually met her a couple of times before at get-togethers with members of her board (I'm a mod on there) up in Canada. I actually drove 8 hours up there to meet her and some of the board members that I'd gotten friendly with. She's a fun, smart, awesome person and easy to be with, very down to earth. I also had the chance to chat briefly with Laura Anne Gilman.

I've also met Patty Briggs several times; for many years she was a regular guest at a fantasy and sci fi con near me, ConBust. I had the pleasure of spending time with her in between workshops several years in a row and also got to spend time with her and her husband last summer at a board camping trip (I mod on her board too :D) At that same con, in different years, I met Lynn Flewelling and Cat Valente.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting Seleste deLaney and Morgan Ashbury, both at the Kelley board get-together and recently I met PJ Schnyder at an anime con in Boston. I've been fortunate in meeting authors, but I've also grabbed every available opportunity. :)

Thanks for stopping by, Bea! :)


Trisha said...

I am so happy to see that I am not the only person who reads labels while waiting in line at the grocery store! :)

Zibilee said...

This was a great interview, and I have to agree with Bea that I read just about anywhere! I am going to have to check out her blog. Thanks, Jenny!

Bea's Book Nook said...

This was fun, thanks for the interview Jenny. :)

heh, when it comes to reading, I'm a tad bit obsessed. :D

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