Read-a-thon post: Gearing up!

Friday, October 8, 2010

This will serve as my current read-a-thon post until I am able to post my first update.

As I mentioned just the other day, due to being on vaca and visiting my brother-in-law, I'm faking the read-a-thon again. In all reality I'm not sure how much reading I'll get done since we're going to be out and about. But I'll have my nook with me and will be squeezing in time where I can.

Most of the books I've contemplated reading are on my nook since I'm vacationing, but maybe I'll find something good at one of the bookstores we're heading to tomorrow.

For those participating, have fun!!


Melissa said...

I know you've been wanting to officially join in on the readathon, but i'm glad your participating in whatever way you can.

Have fun!

softdrink said...

Good luck in squeezing in some reading!

Ms. Marsha said...

We're just underway
But I wanted to say
I know you'll do a great job today!

Enjoy your read a thon!

Cheerleader Marsha

irisonbooks said...

ereading is perfect for a readathon (or so I tell myself because I'm using an ereader most of the time myself). Good luk on squeezing in some reading when you can!

christina said...

It's a beautiful Saturday to be reading too. :D

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Have fun faking it!

Ms. Marsha said...

All you fans
in the internet stands
give our readers
a great big hand!!!

Way to Go!!!
Cheerleader Marsha

samantha.1020 said...

Hope you are getting lots of good reading done!

Ms. Marsha said...

Let's dance
Let's shout
C'mon readers, shake it out!

Hang in there
Without a care
Keep on reading as long as you dare

Keep it up, you're doing great!

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