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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I guess it's just been over the last week or two, but I've sort of tried to focus on reading more of what I want and not focusing on getting review books read as often. I changed my review policy as well to reflect this and already I feel like I've read some great books and am more excited about reading what I have. I've got two reviews going up this week for books I really enjoyed! (And ironically, both of those are review books, LOL!!) Oh, also this week I guest posted for Trisha at Eclectic/Eccentric about the joys and hardships of eclectic reading, so check that out if you have a chance!

Anyway, I have a "feature" of sorts that I've decided to do here for a little bit -- one that will be interesting for me, I think, and one which will help me keep my blog current even when I get super busy...

I purchased a book yesterday that is an anthology of some of the best short stories from The New Yorker magazine from 1925 to present. The specific anthology I got, Wonderful Town, is all short stories that reflect on New York City specifically. It features a bevy of well-known authors including Jeffrey Eugenides, Jonathan Franzen, J.D. Salinger, John Updike, E.B. White, etc. etc. etc. I think there are about 46 short stories total in this anthology. Soooo, what I've decided to do is review one short story a week here at Take Me Away. Pretty much every week, with maybe a few exceptions, I will review one short story from this anthology each Friday.

Here's the synopsis from
New York City is not only The New Yorker's place of origin and its sensibility's lifeblood; it is the heart of American literary culture. Wonderful Town collects superb short fiction by many of the magazine's and this country's most accomplished writers. Like all good fiction, these stories take particular places, particular people, and particular events and turn them into dramas of universal enlightenment and emotional impact. Here New York is every great place and every ordinary place. Each life in it, and each life in Wonderful Town, is the life of us all.

AND... by the time I'm done with this project, I will be way past done with school!!

So, yeah, there's that. =)


Booksnyc said...

great idea for a feature! I look forward to checking in each week to see what short story you review!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, this sounds great! I do have a few short story collections, but to have an anthology with some of the best writers...fabulous!

I'm looking forward to your reviews.

Here's my salon:

Jenny said...

Colleen -- Yay, I'm glad!

Laurel -- I know! I'm looking forward to reading it.

nomadreader said...

I'm not a big short story reader, but I will look forward to your new feature! I tried to review the New Yorker short stories (from the current issues), but I found I often had little or nothing to say about short stories so I abandoned the project for now. I hope you have success and enjoy your reading!

Stephanie aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

I look forward to reading your short story reviews. it sounds like a wonderful collection of authors.

I've cut way back on receiving review copies too -- I've practically quit altogether. I missed choosing books freely, without obligation.

Emidy said...

Oh, cool idea! I must read some more short stories. So hopefully your feature will expose me to some new ones!

Zibilee said...

I think this will be an amazing feature and I can't wait to hear about what you are reading! I love short stories, but I have read very few in the past couple of years. I need to change that, and perhaps reading your feature every week might inspire me!

Gina Choe said...

This is such a great idea! Looking forward to your reviews!

Jenny said...

nomadreader -- haha... I thought about that too, that maybe I won't have anything to say. But I haven't even read the first story yet so I guess we'll see, haha!

Stephanie -- thanks! i'm looking forward to their short stories... hope I'm not disappointed! It's definitely hard to resist the review books but I think I'm much happier with reading just what I want.

Emidy -- I can't remember the last time I read short stories so it'll be sort of new to me too!

Heather -- thanks! Hopefully the short stories turn out to be something I really like!

Gina -- thanks!

Kari said...

Oooh thanks for featuring this book. This may be a boyfriend gift sometime soon. ;)

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