When a Good Thing Becomes Too Much

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't you love when one of your favorite authors has a new book coming out? And it's so awful when you close one of their books and know it's going to be another year before you can read another by them, right? The same thing with sequels.

But do you ever feel like maybe some authors release books too often? There have been some authors whose books I lost interest in after a while because they just weren't as good anymore. It felt like once the author started having to meet frequent deadlines for a book (instead of finishing a book when they felt truly good and done) that maybe the heart and passion in the story was missing so it wasn't as good anymore. And I've noticed some authors have multiple books coming out in the same year and it makes me wonder how they can possibly keep up! Or maybe if an author releases a new book constantly then there's no more excitement or anticipation and that affects a readers' thoughts on the book?

Alternately, I look forward to new blog posts by authors and love reading their new material in this form. Same with authors who write regular columns somewhere. But these aren't nearly the same as entire novels. I really think I'd rather wait a while for an author to release a new book and know it's going to be absolutely fantastic, then to wait moderately long for their next book and have it be just mediocre. But there are definitely exceptions to both side of this argument. What are your thoughts?


Reads4Pleasure said...

I've started to feel this way about James Patterson. He was one of my favorites for a long time, but the amount of books he authors (and co-authors) each year is ridiculous. It's really a shame because I loved the Alex Cross series when he first started. I loved the Ladies Club mysteries when they started. At this point I've stopped trying to keep track and stopped trying to read them all. I feel like I could write his books in my sleep because they're all the same. That goes for all of his miscellaneous books as well. I often wonder if he only lends his name to co-authored books as a way to help the new author gain an audience and to line his pockets.

Marce said...

My favourite author is Mary Higgins Clark and I love the idea of reading a new one and knowing next year I will get another from her, she is consistent.

I have heard many complain about James Patterson. I have read a few and do enjoy them but there are far to many to believe he wrote them all, but possibly he does.

I read a series that I loved but felt the last one the author was not quite ready and was meeting a deadline.

Great topic

Zibilee said...

I would much rather wait a little longer for a book of quality then to have a bunch of mediocre books come out one right after another. Some authors are notorious for churning out the books...James Patterson and Stephen King, I am looking at you. Sometimes I don't mind the wait!

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

oh so true about authors and books

I remember too when Alex cross was a good series too.

Amy said...

So hard to decide... not really though :) I'd rather wait longer and the book be even better. Though sometimes I wish that with series they would write a few THEN start publishing so that we don't have to wait as long between books!

Missy B. said...

I agree. My husband refers to those authors as having "machines" write their books because the publishing times are so close together. It has turned me against several authors that I once loved. I would most definitely prefer a longer wait for a story that I will love.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I agree...there are several authors like this...One whose books I used to enjoy but now I won't even pick one up.

Probably shouldn't mention the author's name! lol

Trisha said...

I would definitely rather wait. And I'm convinced that James Patterson actually has clones.

Jenny said...

Reads4Pleasure -- That's actually a great example. Back in the day I used to enjoy his books, but I tend to feel loyalty to authors and want to read all their books, and with his there is no way I'd be able to keep up! I hate when authors start to follow very predictable formulas. I, too, wonder what exactly it means when he co-authors books.

Marce -- It's definitely great when authors write a lot and are consistent, but I've seen so many who aren't as consistent so it can be frustrating. =(

Heather -- I agree! I've read a few books from each of those authors but that's it!

Julie -- it's hard to keep up with the series too, lol!

Amy -- THAT would be a great idea, lol!! I'm always glad when I wait to start a series for whatever reason and then realize that had I not waited the next book wouldn't be available yet and how difficult of a wait would that be? LOL

Missy -- haha, that's a great way to describe it. I'm definitely not a writer right now, but I can't imagine how they push books out so fast sometimes! I don't read a lot of them either, and I wonder what the quality of the book an really be.

Laurel -- yeah, after a while it sort of turns me off of them too. Sort of what made me think about the issue for this post!

Trisha -- he must! LOL

Jennifer said...

I have a confession to make: I used to absolutely HATE the editing process. As a writer, this is like a cardinal sin, but I didn't believe in the ability of editing to make writing better. But then I took a fiction writing class and discovered how edits can really strengthen any type of writing. And for this reason, I think that authors really need to take their time with the writing. I'm definitely not in the camp that believes authors can just pop books out in a timely manner and have said books to be good books. I'd rather wait for a masterpiece than read mediocre books more frequently. After all, there are just so many books out there!

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