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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday again! Well, I posted a couple reviews this week, Catching Fire and The Last Block in Harlem. Unfortunately I haven't done much reading in the past week (those two I read before this past week). I think I've just been so stressed out with work and school and everything. My school tightened up the internship program even more so now I have to seriously bust my butt to get my direct clinical hours finished up by August 13th at the very latest just to get my 1.5 credits for the first half of my second internship (of 3). Yeah it's complicated and frustrating and having my school make it even more strict is making me that much more stressed out. I'm no longer going to be able to get away for a couple days for my birthday like I'd planned because I need every day of hours I can get. =( Suffice it to say, I've had a lot of difficulty concentrating on reading, even though I've got some great books started. And, tragically, every time I've started reading lately... I FALL ASLEEP!! I feel like those non-readers who say they read only for purposes of getting to sleep. It's awful.

As for what I'm reading now, I'm not really committed enough to any book to say that is the ONE I'm reading, though I've started reading several. I promise I am still working on The Little Giant of Aberdeen County which is good, but with my difficulty concentrating lately, it's going slow. That and it hit on a (common) topic/issue that has just randomly become sort of sensitive for me so I just couldn't keep reading it. Pretty soon, though, I will be cracking open (metaphorically since it'll be on my nook) The Passage by Justin Cronin. It's the biggest thing in new releases apparently. I'd say that I regret not standing in line for an hour at 4:00 pm on the last day of BEA to get a copy of this book signed by the author... but then we all know what happened to all the books I got at BEA, so maybe I should be thankful I didn't waste my time as well as a copy of the book from the author. Anyway, my husband just bought a nook the other day so he can have his own, and he and I both bought The Passage for our nooks so that we can read it together at the same time. =) That should be fun. But we're waiting until this school term is over to start that!

Since I've been having difficulty staying on top of my reading lately, reading review books has definitely gotten way behind. It's really making me re-think what I want to be doing here on my blog. I love networking with publishers and having the privilege of receiving and reviewing books before their release date. And I don't necessarily want to stop, but in all honesty I have waaaaay too many review books alone. And I don't want my entire reading repertoire to be made up of random newly released books. I'd love for my blog to consist of a bigger variety of books; I'd like to just decide which of the hundreds of already published books on my shelves I would like to read next rather than having to meet reading deadlines. I took this all upon myself so it's my own fault, but I need to figure out a way to balance both. Mainly it is going to mean I need to cut down on review books. =( Ultimately, though, I think the quality of my blog will improve if I'm reading purely what I am actually in the mood to read at the time, and if the books I review are more "unique" choices. I find that it sort of gets old when I see blogs all reviewing all the same books. And there are soooo many more books out there for us to be sharing with others. So that's what I think I'm going to focus on. I have many many books still to review, and I will continue to try to get to them when I can, but I can't feel pressured to read them all right away.


Helen's Book Blog said...

Funny you should mention review books from publishers. I don't actively seek those out, but some publishers do find me. I sometimes say yes, then feel pressure to read the book, like I can't read what I am in the mood for at that moment.

If you keep falling asleep it means you need the sleep. Don't fight it!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

It's amazing to me that you get any reading done, with that schedule! I do remember what that's like...and the pressures.

Which is why I'm very picky about which review books I accept. And I have enough on my own stacks to get through—books I've chosen. I'm in my selfish phase, now, having almost burned out with obligations.

Whenever I accept a book that I'm not sure about, I do regret it. Some I find hard to even get through. Lesson learned!

Here's my salon (and I hope you stick to your guns on making choices that you like):

Melissa said...

Totally understand about reading something because u have to, not because your in the mood to read it. I have so many books in my TBR that I want to read, but I can't get to them lately.

christina said...

I think I'm the only one who didn't enjoy Aberdeen County.

Jenny said...

Helen -- you're prob right about the sleep. I just have so much to fit in to the waking hours that I need to stay awake as much as I can, LOL! I cannot wait to be done with school again.

Laurel -- I need to be pickier! You are right that usually you have a gut feeling whether you're really interested in the book or not, and if I'm not I almost always will regret it later. I just am so thankful to people for contacting me that I don't want to turn them down, lol... ah, I need to figure out how to work that all better.

Melissa -- yeah.. and it would be one thing if it were 5-10, but it's hundreds of unread TBR books, lol!

Christina -- I just went back and looked at your review... I do agree that there's just something lacking with the characters, even though I like Truly a little. The writing is probably what's kept me reading (well that and it's a review book that I promised to review, lol). Maybe my disinterest is more related to not caring about it so much and I'm mistaking it for my being busy, or it could be a combination.

Zibilee said...

Sorry to hear that school is making some unreasonable demands on your time right now. Hopefully you will get through it soon.

I also know what you mean about review books, and have had to limit what I accept, or I would never get a chance to read what I want to.

Just hang in there, it's bound to get better soon!!

Trisha said...

It still makes me sick to think about your BEA books. The Passage is so prominent and the book is so appealing I actually broke my book-buying ban to get a copy.

Jenny said...

Heather -- thanks! I hope so...

Trisha -- ugh, me too, but I try not to think about it too much, haha. I can't wait to see what you think of The Passage!

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