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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

I don't have "recreational" plans today since my hubby works, and I do too. I have some therapy clients scheduled today since none of them seemed to have any issues with having our session on a holiday! Works out though because I really just wanted to have Monday off since I have it off from my regular job. We opted out of the fireworks yesterday... the past few years we've been pretty lazy about them because it gets so crowded and crazy out. We did go out earlier in the day though and grabbed lunch and saw Eclipse! This is my favorite of the Twilight saga... the movie was definitely cheesy in parts, but in all I enjoyed it. If I were a young'un I would love Jacob for sure... but he's a child so I can't look at him like that, lol!

I feel like I've had reading ADD lately. I'll have a few books going at a time because I have so much to read and can't decide on just one, lol. I posted the review for The Scent of Rain and Lightning earlier this week, and then I finished Still Missing -- the review for that will be up this week. I thought it didn't come out until Tuesday but I saw it on the shelf yesterday! I will also have the review up for The Starlet today... I normally wouldn't double post in a day but I need to have that one posted by the 4th to be eligible for a contest.... LOL. My main read going right now is The Little Giant of Aberdeen County since I've been promising to review this one for a while!

The only other real blog thing I've got going on is I finally made a button!! So if you "collect" buttons and you follow my blog, please take my button! (using the code in the scroll box). I just started adding a couple to my blog so if you add mine let me know so I can reciprocate!

Take Me Away

I think that's about it! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, and be safe!!


Amanda said...

So I'm curious - what do people use buttons for?? I've seen lots of people making them recently but don't know anything about why?

Tanyia said...

Have a wonderful holiday, even if you do have to work :(

Trisha said...

Ah, the joys of work. :)

I love your button, but like Amanda, I have no idea what they are for...??

Trish said...

So Eclipse was worth the trip huh? Still can't make my mind if I want to see it or not.

Hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow. I have to work but I'm hoping at least the traffic will be light. And enjoy Little Giant. I really liked it.

Jenny said...

Amanda & Trisha -- re: the button... I'm not too completely sure, lol! I guess it's just a way of doing a "blog roll" but more visual. I never really thought they were necessary but then I go to other pages and see they have a collection of buttons from other blogs and then I feel left out because I want mine on there too, haha.

Tanyia -- thanks! I'm looking forward to my Monday off. =)

Trish -- Have you seen the first two? In all honesty I probably could go without seeing them, but I feel like I'm invested since I read all the books, and almost everyone I know is seeing all the movies, lol.

Zibilee said...

We don't really get into the big fireworks shows either. It's always hot and crowded and we have to fight for parking. We just buy a few of the dinky ones from the fireworks tent and let the kids set them off in the front yard. Much less hassle that way!! I also think I will be seeing Eclipse soon, as my daughter is a big fan of both the books and the movies. I hope you enjoy your day off on Monday!

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