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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today's Sunday Salon from Take Me Away is coming to you from The Windy City! Yup, we have been vacationing in Chicago for a few days. Today's our last day, though, and we fly back tomorrow. =( Anyway, I've still managed to log in frequently and keep up with most of my sites! I've read a little too. On the plane ride here I finished reading My Sister's Voice. (I needed the escape since our pilot was playing "look what I can do" with the plane.... haha). The review for that will most likely be up tomorrow. I started The Postmistress but it hasn't quite grabbed my interest as much as I'd hoped it would. =( It's still good, though, so hopefully it will pick up for me.

My husband has been reading as much as he possibly can because our (Chicago) hotel room came with a book, The Jordan Rules, about Michael Jordan, of course. Came with the room meaning it was on the shelf of our mini desk area and it stays here... hence his reading as much as he can, lol. Jason's a huge basketball fan, so even though the book was published in 1993, he's finding it very interesting... it's all about the year that Jordan took the Bulls to the championship, so Jason is remembering things about that season as he reads. I love when my husband (and other family members, for that matter) get caught up in reading, lol.

Jason and I also made a quick stop yesterday at The Book Cellar in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago, which is an independent book store that also serves wine and beer. Unfortunately, we didn't stay for a drink as we had initially planned because all their tables and chairs were set up for their event that night (that started about 20 minutes after we got there) and we didn't want to stay for the event or get "stuck" because we were already there. I've also had to check out the local Barnes and Noble and Books-a-Million too, haha.

Anywho, don't forget I still have to giveaways running for The Ocean Between Us and Hannah's List.

This week I also posted reviews for The Forest of Hands and Teeth and My Fair Lazy and I loved both!


Amanda said...

You know, I used to be scared of Chicago and now I actually miss it. I hope the rest of your time there is wonderful! :)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Ah, the Windy City! I've only dreamed about going there. In the nineties (or was it the eighties?), there was a movie called Windy City. I can picture the stars, but their names elude me...alas.

Something to Google!

I want to go to The Book Cellar! Sounds like my favorite kind of bookstore. Oh, I love wending my way through intriguing shops.

Years ago, when I lived in Sacramento, we used to enjoy poking around in shops in Old Town.

My Salon:

Trisha said...

I'm still in a snit that I got sick while you were up here...I just can't figure out who to blame. No one in my family has been sick recently, so I must have caught the bug from one of my students. They will be punished with extra assignments... :)

Heather @ Book Addiction said...

aww, Chicago... my home. :) I'm glad you're loving it there! I'm going back in a couple of weeks, gotta visit the fam. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Aarti said...

Yay for Chicago! I LOVE The Book Cellar. It's my favorite indie bookstore here. I also read The Jordan Rules when it came out, though talk about a hero having feet of clay!

Zibilee said...

I am glad you are having such a fun trip! I'd love to visit Chicago sometime. It sounds wonderful! I hope you have a good flight back!

Jenny said...

Amanda -- Haha! Actually, Chicago was a lot scarier to me than NYC... it felt more dangerous. =(

Laurel -- The Book Cellar was a small place but had lots of character!

Trisha -- LOL, good idea! ;) Don't worry about it... things happen!

Heather -- thanks! It's been fun and interesting learning our way around! =) Have a safe trip up here!

Aarti -- cool, I didn't realize you were in Chicago! I was telling my husband if I lived here I would go read a book in Millenium Park all the time, haha. But actually it seems Chicago is pretty spread out. Yeah, my husband has been telling me about what he's been reading... it's interesting to get a behind the scenes look!

Heather -- it's been interesting for sure, haha... but we've had fun. =)

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