Wuthering Heights Read-a-Long: Chapters 1-3

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This post is for the
Wuthering Heights read-a-long hosted by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts that I am participating in. I have read this book 3-4 times and have considered it one of my favorite books, if not my actual favorite book. But it's been a while since I read it and I've never written any thoughts about it! I think this will be a fun process for me to record my thoughts and discuss the book with others at the same time. I will try not to post too many spoilers; however, I won't completely shy away from the main points, as I will assume most people have an idea what the book is about.

This post is re: chapters 1-3 I'm actually behind 3 chapters! Will catch up soon!

Chapters 1-3
The beginning of well loved books always seem to have a familiarity to it that is so comforting. In opening up the book and starting the first page I instantly am drawn back into the world of the characters that I have loved reading about in the past. In these chapters, Heathcliff's new tenant at Thrushcross Grange, Mr. Lockwood, has just started living there and has made the treck across the moore to Wuthering Heights to visit his new landlord. I was amused by Mr. Lockwood's awkward introductions as he mistakens who everyone is, assuming the teenaged Catherine Heathcliff is Mr. Heathcliff's wife rather than his daughter-in-law. The scene with the dogs and Mr. Lockwood is hilarious. Poor Mr. Lockwood... he seems like such a nice and friendly man... he means so well but is completely taken aback by the grim nature of Mr. Heathcliff and his household. Chapter 3 has always been sort of confusing for me. I can't picture what the oak chest is that Mr. Lockwood sits/lies down in. Is it a bed? a closet? what? Then the whole nightmare he has that turns out to not be a nightmare but is actually real confuses me. That part always has confused me. And then the part where Mr. Heathcliff freaked out has always caught me off guard. He seems so in control of his faculties, but then all of a sudden he a crazed man. I guess that's what tragic love will to do a man, hehe.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I LOVE this book. I think I said that already but I couldn't help my self.

softdrink said...

For some reason, I pictured the bed in the closet as an old fashioned coach. I have no idea where that visual came from, though.

Zibilee said...

I loved the first section as well and think that it was a really great way to start the story and get the characters and their stories introduced. I thought the closet was like a self contained bed in a closet. You open the door, go in and lay down, and then close the door. I may be wrong about that though. I am looking forward to hearing more of your reactions to the book as you read along!

JoAnn said...

I imagine it to be like a sleeping compartment in a train... not sure why. I'm enjoying this book a lot!

Melissa said...

I have been wanting to read this for so long.

Hannah Stoneham said...

That bit is really confusing - but I guess that the confusion adds to the drama and to the idea that control is somehow slipping away from the characters.... I am enjoying following you guys as you read this book!

Happy reading and thanks for sharing


Victoria said...

I love reading all the different thoughts and reactions everyone is having...we have so many newbies to WH (including me) with varying degrees of familiarity and then quite a few that have read it before...makes for much more interesting reading!

Trish said...

I just joined you guys this week so I'm a little behind as well--have only read 4 chapters. :)

The dream always confuses me as well and now I'm thinking I need to read it again after reading about your confusion?

And those dogs--the part about the dead rabbits always freaks me out a bit.

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