Book Signing with Kristy Kiernan

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I recently posted the review for Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan. I decided to attend her signing this past Sunday, 4/11, at the Vero Beach book center.

My sister, Jackie, agreed to go with me so after working a little bit that morning, I drove down to Melbourne to meet up with my sister. We went from there to Vero Beach which was about an hour from her house. We had lunch at Panera and then headed over to the venue. Vero Beach Book Center is a wonderful independent book store. I hadn't known about it before but it's a great store! Right across a small parking lot they also have another building that has children's books on the entire first floor. Almost the entire second floor was bargain books with one part sectioned off for new young adult books. We loved it there! (We both bought some books at the main building and the children's building, hehe).

Anyway, Kristy Kiernan spent about 45 minutes talking about her book and, also, her experience in writing. My sister and I were both fascinated to hear about her experiences in publishing and the books she wrote prior to becoming published. Kristy is a great speaker! After that she answered some questions and then everyone had a chance to talk to her and take pictures. My sister had actually not read any of her books yet but is really interested now! (I bought her a copy of Between Friends and she ended up buying herself a copy of Kristy's previous novel, Matters of Faith). We're both really glad we went, and it was great to meet Kristy! Here are some pictures.

Me and Kristy

My sister, Jackie, me, Kristy

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway for the book,
Between Friends, which is now autographed by the author! =)


Juju at Tales of said...

Fab fab fab! Great pictures!

Zibilee said...

What an awesome day you must have had! I think it's so cool that you got a chance to meet Kristy and get some pictures with her. Nice authors totally rock the casbah!

Jenny said...

Juju -- thanks!!

Zibilee -- yes, it was fun, and nice authors are so awesome!

Kristy Kiernan said...

Nice authors?! What about nice bloggers (and sisters, of course)?!

Really, I was so touched and thrilled that Jenny came. Especially since 99.87% of Vero Beach was at home glued to the Masters. Just wish I could have taken them for a glass of wine afterward...

bermudaonion said...

I love author events and it sounds like you had so much fun! What an awesome comment from the author!

Jenny said...

Kristy -- LOL, another time! And seriously, YOU'RE the author (that makes you a celebrity to me, haha) so it's so wonderful that you are so nice!!! =)

Kathy -- thanks! it was!

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