How Do You Get Middle Schoolers to Read?

Monday, March 15, 2010

One of our local Central Florida schools made it to Oprah by sharing a music video "flash mob" they put together about reading. (I've never actually been to the middle school, but I've been to their local high school many times because I had children on my caseload attend that school when I was a case worker.) Anyway, they attracted the attention of Oprah and the entire student body was on Oprah via skype. One of the girls even mentioned that the students read a lot more and their FCAT scores are "through the roof!" (FCAT is the THE test that determines if Florida children can move on to the next grade... just fyi, not to stir any political debates!) Now, I wonder how many of these students actually like to read? ;)


softdrink said...

They all looked like they were having fun, which is something...I'm used to kids acting like they're too cool for something like this.

Alexia561 said...

Great video! I love the lead singer's voice, and the "band" was pretty talented as well. Hadn't seen this before, so thanks for sharing it!

Jenny said...

softdrink -- that is so true... I love how much fun they all look like they're having!

Alexia -- sure, I'm glad to share it! I was impressed with the lead singer's voice too!

April (BooksandWine) said...

OMG that was so cute. Seriously, it made me think of my middle schoolers from student teaching, granted they weren't all big readers but the ones that were, totally reminds me of these kids.

Thanks for sharing this!!

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