Sunday Salon

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Sunday! Sometimes it seems like the weeks just fly by. But sometimes that's a good thing too. First thing I want to share today is my new blog design in case you haven't seen it! Of course, if you're reading this at my site then you already see it, but if you're reading this in a feed reader go ahead and stop on by. It was designed by my husband, Jason, who does freelance graphic design. (His website can be seen at JAR Designs). This is the first blog design he's done and it was a different experience for him to work with blogger, but he has done other websites and business cards, etc. We're still tweaking it and are going to add some things. The main thing I'm trying to figure out is how to erase the space between the posts and the sidebars. I want that to be all one piece. But whenever I get the one sidebar connected, the extra one just sort of hangs out there by itself. Any pointers???

I've had a more productive reading week than I have recently. Granted, I've only finished one book since last Sunday, but that book was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which is about 500 pages. I'm still trying to figure out where to sneak in more reading time and still get my other stuff done. One of these days I'll do BOTH well (since this week I did sort of neglect some of my other work, heh). Now I'm finishing up a cozy and starting a blog tour book I have for next week. I'll be posting my review of Brooklyn a little later after my sister finishes it too and we have a chance to discuss!

I have a trip out of state coming up for work. I leave next Monday evening and come back on Wednesday evening. I'm flying to North Carolina and back. While there I'm supposed to testify in court on a child abuse case. However, they're unsure yet if my testimony will be used. So basically I'm going to be hanging out the whole time I'm there. So I figure I can get a lot of reading done during that time. I wonder if it's too ambitious to say I'll read 3 books in that time??

Anyway, back to this week, on Monday I posted about my dislike for books being turned into movies. I was surprised to hear all the responses that felt the opposite. Or if they didn't necessarily feel the opposite, many were still able to point out the positives points to film adaptations! They made me look at things a different way! I joined another challenge, The Dystopian Challenge. I've joined a lot of challenges so it's really just for fun and to see how much I actually accomplish. I'm not in any way pressuring myself to finish them if I don't feel like reading that type of book next. I also posted my review of The Accidental Bestseller.

On another note, I noticed I've lost a few followers in the past few days. =( I guess it happens. I have unsubscribed from other blogs, too, for various reasons. But it does make me wonder why. Does anyone know how to find out how many people subscribe to posts via RSS or atom feeds?

That's about it for this week. Today I only have one client scheduled in the morning and then I am meeting up with my friend (and her mom and MOH) at a bridal show here in Orlando. Should be fun! Then I'm having an early dinner with my sister and parents. I hope to get some more reading done after that, but, well, I need to catch up on some work I neglected this week!


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