New York Challenge: Mini-Challenge #1

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As you all know, I am registered to attend the Book Blogger Convention in May and am so excited! And also as you know, I adore NYC!! Love it, love it! So, I joined the New York Challenge by Jill at Fizzy Thoughts where we can talk about how much we
love New York, lol! Actually She says we have to just read one book by May 15th that takes place in NYC. Not a problem for me! I actually have a few on TBR and am always finding more. And as you know, I've been working on New York by Edward Rutherford for a while. It's been taking a while because I've had sooo much going on AND the little reading I have been doing is for reviews. But no problem, it's sort of fun to take a while reading through 400 years rather than flying through it. Plus, I'm really enjoying it so I can "savor" the reading.

Anywho, the mini-challenge for the month of February is:

For the month of February, your task (should you choose to accept it) is to compile a list of ten things about New York. It can be a reading list, a list of songs, restaurants, places to visit (or that you’d like to visit), places to avoid…whatever you want to share.

10 Things I Love About New York: (as if I could put them in order, but I'll try)

1. The Subway
I know so many of you probably think I'm craaazy... but I'm so not used to this mode of transportation and I think it'so fun to hang out in NYC and get everywhere you need on this kind of transportation. I live in Orlando where you have to drive (and far) to get anywhere! (Although stay tuned for 2015 when our Sunrail is slated to start service)!

2. Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys
When I first heard this song I thought (other than the fact that it was about NYC) that it was just okay. But it's really grown on me since then and, of course, I love it! And Alicia Keys actually sings a different solo version of it on her latest album, The Element of Freedom. I think I actually like her version better, but it's just something a little different.

3. Broadway
I love going to Broadway shows and what better place to see the shows than on the actual Broadway, in the "original" theaters (I don't know really know that, but they're much more unique than having them at the same concert venue location where everything is when they travel to the different cities). AND you're more likely to see the well-known actors on stage on Broadway in NYC than anywhere else... and also seeing them outside when they get off work for the night.... LOL!! (This is Jude Law right after his wonderful performance in Hamlet... I may have posted this here back in October.. don't remember). Love Broadway!

4. The Strand Bookstore (and Union Square in general)
Of course I had to mention a book store! This is the home of 18 miles of books if laid next to each other. I'm not all that into rare books or things like that (though I still have that book The Man Who Loved Books Too Much on TBR and that might interest me more, who knows) but The Strand also has "regular" books to choose from just like other stores. I just love the area and the layout of the store. That picture on the right is the tote bag I got as a souvenir... can't wait to get another. =) The pic below is the view from where I was on the second level.. that's my hubby in the black jacket and blue backpack perusing the books. But I also love the Union Square area in general and if I were to live in NYC and had the money, I would definitely want to live in that area! They also have the beautiful 4(?) story Barnes and Noble there. And it's also near NYU so a lot of people can be found hanging out studying, reading, etc.

5. Bryant Park
Speaking of sitting outside and reading, I wish I was near Bryant Park and could just sit there and relax whenever I felt like it. To me, Bryant Park is the perfect mix of nature within the city. It's relaxing but not out in the boonies, which I don't like. One day I'd also like to stay in the Bryant Park hotel (which I refer to as the gold castle) but not this time I don't think.

6. The Restaurants

I couldn't pick just one, haha. The variety of places to go is astounding, of course. I guess we have unique places here too but it's not the same. One of our favorite breakfast places was The Pink Teacup. They serve lunch and dinner too but we had heard they had great breakfast so that's when we went. They serve "soul food" and I could tell by their breakfast that I would looove their other meals too. Apparently, lots of famous soul food lovers have dined there as well. Plus, it gave us a great opportunity to sort of explore the West Village! Another restaurant we went to was Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa Grill, while we were there and that was nice, except that we sat thicslose to the people next to us, hehe. Georgio's was another great breakfast place but I couldn't tell you where that one is. We ran across it accidentally, hehe. Ooh!! Another great place we went for dinner one night was Max Brenner's. And that just so happens to be located right in Union Square (see #4 above). It's a "chocolate" restaurant (and yes they had amazing desserts) but dinner was good too. I guess they have one of those in Vegas too so it's not completely original to New York. I don't know how we're going to decide when we go back between trying new places or going to the places we know we love, lol.

7. Times Square
I know, that's very touristy of me. But WHERE ELSE can you go at any time of night where it's teeming with crowds and people are up and about? And where Starbucks is open 24 hours???? And the beautiful lights! And energy! It's soooo fun! I just love the thought of having some place to go where at any time of the night it's awake and safe.

8. Good Morning America
And since we're talking about Times Square... Good Morning America is filmed in their Times Square studio. I love GMA. It's my morning show and I have it on every morning when I'm getting ready for work. When I first started watching it, it reminded me of the times I can remember going on vacation as a child. Wherever we went, no matter what state we were in, everyone was always watching GMA (even hotel lobby tv's were tuned to this) and there was just something about it I really liked (and still do). Of course, it hasn't been as great since Chris Cuomo (and Diane Sawyer) left, but I do like George Stephanopolous and Juju Chang... they are good replacements. And of course I like Robin and Sam too.

9. One of my BFF's, Sarah!
Sarah and I have been friends since the 7th grade (even though we didn't go to the same high school). She's originally from New York and moved back to the NYC area after college. She's living the dream and I'm so happy for her (and totally envious, lol!!) Here we are getting drinks at Houston's one night.

10. Koreatown

I'm actually not sure if I've ever mentioned it on here before but for those of you who don't know, I'm half Korean. So I thought it was so fun that there is a whole area of NYC that is Korean! I loved how the street signs were in Korean too. (I can't speak Korean, really, but I can read it... apparently my husband never totally got that I could read it until I started reading him what the signs said, lol!) There are lots of Korean restaurants there that I would like to try. The only place we went to last time was the Mandu House... Mandu are like dumplings, pot stickers, etc. and this was a restaurant that had a whole bunch of different kinds of mandu. It was a very unique and fun restaurant! Next time I want to try one of the regular restaurants though!

Well, that's 10!! There are plenty more things I could say, but those are the first 10 I thought of, hehe. This was actually really fun... I may have to do this for Orlando one of these days, because I really do love Orlando too. I hope you enjoyed this not-really-bookish post!


Amanda said...

Wonderful list! And nice to see pictures of you, too. :) I love the subway system in NYC.

Jenny said...

Thanks! My husband and I think the subway is the funnest thing, lol!

Heather J. said...

Great list! There is simply so much in NYC - everyone's lists are so different! I'm so looking forward to the convention - hope to meet you there. :)

bermudaonion said...

Great list! I think I need to hang out with you when I'm in New York!

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

What a great challenge. I may have to jump on this one. One book? No problem. There are so many things I love about NYC, a lot of what you picked. Tea and Sympathy in the Village would have to be a favorite spot of mine. Shakespeare and Company.
Washington Square Park....ahh, the list.
Thanks for getting me even more excited to go there and hopefuly meet YOU!!!!

Oh and I'm from Webster, MN.

Jenny said...

Heather -- we'll never run out of things to do in NY!! I know I'll see you there b/c I saw you are presenting!! Yay!

bermudaonion -- LOL!

Michelle -- I know! One book! We can totally get that done by May. =) I'm glad my post helped get you more excited, lol! And we'll definitely meet there! I'm going to have to go look up those places you mentioned too.

Booksnyc said...

Bryant Park and the subway made my list too! I do quite a lot of my reading on the subway . . .

Look like you really explored last time you were here!

softdrink said...

What a fun list! I haven't been to NYC in years, but I have fond memories of the subway, too.

Thanks for joining my challenge!

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