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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Sunday everyone! I am off to work. Again. I literally work every day when you count my counseling internship, so it's really been no fun lately! I have been somewhat disconnected/unplugged lately and it's actually been pretty nice. I tend to get "sucked in" to the internet and will literally be online for hours. So it's pretty relaxing and peaceful to not have that mind addiction!

I still haven't done a whole lot of reading though. I finished The Hunger Games and also just finished last night The Christmas Sweater. That was the first one in the holiday challenge and I was disappointed in it. =( I still have reviews to do for those two and the two I mentioned last week. I've just been so busy! I have a few days off next week so I'm really looking forward to that. (And I also have a request pending for a few days after Christmas too, so hopefully I'll be getting some rest soon). I haven't yet chosen the next book to start reading. I have a ton of library books as well as a bunch I've bought recently.

Hopefully I'll get all those posted soon!


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I know what you mean about work! I vividly recall those years!

Now I am just happy to reflect on those times and write about them.

My Sunday Salon is here:

Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Hopefully you will get some time to slow down closer to the holidays!
This will be my first holiday season where I am NOT working a ton. I am going to try and enjoy it!

Amanda said...

I hope you liked The Hunger Games!

Melissa said...

Enjoy your free time when you have it! Last year I was working nonstop during the holidays. We didn't even put up a Christmas Tree. My job was taking over my life, I had to let it go, I couldn't do it anymore. Really enjoying this Holiday, and loving the non hectic life.

Laughing Stars said...

Counseling internship ... been there, done that. :-) I look forward to reading what you thought of The Hunger Games.

Jenny said...

Laurel -- can't wait to get there. =)

Michelle -- Definitely enjoy it! I have a few days off later this month so that will be nice. And actually I have a request pending for 3 more days, haha, so I'm excited about that!

Amanda -- I did like it but not quite as much as everyone else. Hopefully I'll have the review up soon!

Melissa -- Wow, that's a lot!! I'm trying not to let it take over too much!

Laughing Stars -- oh are you a counselor too??

Lisa said...

Looking forward to your review of Hunger Games! And I hope you get to have a bit of a slow down for the holidays! :0)

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