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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yes, I know I haven't been around for a while.
Where I once was endlessly addicted to the internet and visiting all my regular sites, I've now become in desperate need of the peacefulness afforded from not even turning on my computer. It's ironic since I've always considered reading and going online and whatnot forms of stress relief, but when I'm not careful these things turn into the source of anxiety and stress because there just isn't time for them and I try to squeeze them in anyway.
So please excuse my periodic absences from here!! Unless I say otherwise, I will always be back!

One real quick thing I wanted to note... has anyone been having trouble with google sites lately? I've had lots which is a problem because I have a work e-mail through there and a calendar I rely on. Not to mention google reader is on there. In fact, I tried to leave some comments this mornings on your blogs and it wouldn't let me. It was trying to make me pick a user profile but nothing was there in the drop down. Ugh!

That being said, how was everyone's Christmas? Mine was wonderful!! We were able to spend a good amount of time with both my family and his and had a great time with each.
I thought I would write a post about all the books I received this year!

The Gift of Therapy is written by a well-known and well-respected therapist, Irvin Yalom. When I say well-known and respected I mean that we learn about him in school and he is written about in our textbooks. This book (which I requested) is in the format of tips for the beginner therapist. Each tip is 1-3 pages long and he uses specific antecdotes from his experience. I started reading this one already and it's pretty good. There are some things he says I don't quite believe in, or at least I would not be ready to do yet, but he has definitely given me a LOT of good things to think about and I'm only about 1/3 through the book!

I've heard millions of wonderful things about this modern classic. My sister also has a copy that she hasn't yet read so hopefully we will read this one at the same time!

I was supposed to read Jane Eyre for my AP english class either junior or senior year. Well, I never finished it and have always (as an adult) wanted to read it. This edition includes a bunch of extras at the end such as essays written about it, critiques of a couple different movie versions, etc. This will also work for my Bronte sisters challenge. Can't wait to read it!

This is such an intriguing book. You know very little about the plot before going into it, but I've heard great things about it. My sister also thought it was great and so I recently borrowed it from her. Then one day my husband started questioning me about all the books I had borrowed/had out from the library. Turned out he had bought me this book after thoroughly checking my shelves to ensure I didn't already own it, and he freaked out when he later saw it on the shelf, lol! But I hadn't actually read it yet so I returned my sister's copy and hope to get this one soon!

I passed up the opportunity to early review this one. I've made a pact to accept only a very small number of reviews and only if I'm reallly interested in the book. In doing so, I run the risk of sometimes passing up great books, and so many people said this book was so great. So my husband remembered that and bought me this.

I've been intrigued in this book and have heard great things about it. Plus it incorporates the children's book The Secret Garden which is a wonderful book. It's also one my mother loves and I thought maybe if I love this too then I can lend it to her.

Best city ever! It covers generations and generations of a family living in New York as it grows and changes into the city it is today. I've heard some disappointing things about this but overall everyone seems to really like it. And I really love the cover!

And last but not least... my husband pre-ordered for me...

It was supposed to come in the week after Christmas, but the shipments all got delayed so mine will be shipped the week of January 4th. I'm super excited about it and already know a couple books I want to purchase for it. My hubby also got me a cover for it... the front picture is actually an insert where you can put your own picture.

And here are the two books I plan on buying when the nook arrives:

Keep an eye out for reviews of all these books!!!

Reviews still pending for books I have read:
  • Hunger Games
  • The Christmas Sweater
  • Through the Grinder (Coffeehouse Mystery #2)


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Good to see you back! I am glad you had a wonderful Christmas. !
Little Bee is one of my favorite books from this past year...hands down. I really loved it.
And New York is on my list too.

Have a fun and safe New Year!

Amanda said...

So many good books you got! And a Nook too? Wow! :D

Merry Christmas!

Ryan G said...

You got a good haul for Christmas. Hope you enjoy them all.

Peter S. said...

Hi, Jenny! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love Little Bee, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well.

I'm so not a blogger said...

hi jenny,

Im so glad you received your gift, i was beginning to think it may have gotten lost in the post, thank goodness it didnt!
Im glad you liked the gifts, I had fun shopping for you:-)

Robyn (Ihave put up a post about my secret santa gift)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

What a wonderful haul!

I've been meaning to read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn", forever!

"After You" is a fabulous book!

ANovelMenagerie said...

I read After You and The Secret Garden this year. I think these are good choices!

Jenny said...

Michelle -- Thanks! I can't wait to read New York but I'm sort of intimidated by it too, haha.

Amanda -- Thanks! Happy New Year!!

Ryan -- Thanks! Yes, I was very lucky!

Peter -- Thanks! I just finished Little Bee last night and it's going to take me some time to digest and process that one before I write my review!

Robyn -- Thanks again! I loved everything, and what a good choice on The Little Prince! I have actually never read that one!

Laurel -- I just started After You and I'm enjoying it so far!

Sheri -- I remember your review! I hope I love it too!

Laughing Stars aka The Stark Raving Bibliophile said...

All these books look terrific! Irvin Yalom ... that takes me back to my grad. school days. a belated Merry Christmas to you!

Angie said...

My sister and I had our own little mini-book club with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn about ten years ago. I hope you have as much fun reading it with your sister as I did with mine.

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