Friday's Book to Movie: Precious

Friday, November 27, 2009

Before you read this review, make sure you read my review of the book Push, on which this movie is based, for both the summary and my thoughts on the book.

The book had me feeling somewhat, though not completely, let down after all the hype. It was good, and a difficult read, but not absolutely amazing like I'd hoped.

Oprah, who interviewed the actress who played the main character, said about Precious "It is a raw movie that will leave you breathless and crack you open". And I have to say that's a good summation of this movie.

Whether it was a low-budget movie or was filmed in such a manner to reflect the main character's lot in life, this is not full of glitz or glamour. Just like the book, it is a very difficult movie to watch, and for this reason, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone. It is a story about this character and the abuse she endures. The film conveyed the abuse artistically. The sexual abuse was conveyed in only a couple ways but it got the point across. The physical and emotional abuse was more prominent in the movie and this was horrid. Another artful aspect was the manner in which the movie showed Precious "escape" while being abused; fantasy scenes, such as her being rich and famous and on tv would replace some scenes where we knew she was being abused. Mo'Nique plays the abusive mother, and wow... her character is so hateful! It was hard to imagine that she was this other person/celebrity that we know her as. But that means she did a great job as well. The main actress, Gabourey Sidibe, is new to the acting scene but
she was great. Mariah Carey plays the social worker and I have to say, I thought she did well too.

Precious followed the book almost exactly too, so that was nice to see. The small parts they did change were completely understandable and were done to enhance the movie. This was a movie where the entire theater laughed in parts, gasped in other parts, and definitely cried during parts. So, while the movie/storyline hit me the same as the book did -- being just alright -- I do have to say the movie was a good adaptation of the book and the actors were great.


Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I'll skip the book, but I'll probably see the movie at some point.

I may even wait for the DVD. But it seems like an important film to watch.

Laughing Stars said...

I love this book to movie feature! My daughter and I have a bloggy book-to-movie thing going, and I may take a page from your book and make it a regular weekly feature. Hmmm ... the possibilities! :-) I am very interested in reading Push ... thanks for your terrific review. I enjoyed the screenshots too.

Jenny said...

Laurel -- I agree that it's important but also that it's not one you HAVE to see right away.

Laughing Stars -- Thanks! I was going to make this a regular feature and asked my hubby for an icon a while ago... but he never got around to that one, lol. Oh well, I don't have enough reviews to do this every Friday. I think it would be fun though!

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