A Note from an Old Aquaintance (Blog Tour)

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Note From an Old Acquaintance by Bill Walker tells the story of a man and a woman and their long ago love affair. Brian is an author who hasn't made much progress in his current novel when he receives an e-mail from a woman with whom he had an affair 15 years ago. With his wife in a long-term coma, Brian begins to converse with this woman, Joanna, again. Brian then schedules a book tour in Boston and goes off to visit with her again.

The book starts off in the "current" year 2006 and shortly thereafter moves back to 1991 when Brian and Joanna first meet. In 2006 Joanne is married to Erik, and we learn that in 1991 she was engaged to him. What follows is a fairly typical boy-meets-girl love story with the addition of a love triangle involving a significant other. I did feel that the story was somewhat "plain" on its own. I'm not sure if it was that it lacked the more elaborate plots elements that I often read now or if it was that I didn't care too much for the characters. In fact, my favorite character may have been Erik, the significant other. Brian and Joanna both irritated me. Some of you may also know that I am very picky about writing style. I'm very finicky when it comes to the "show don't tell" of story telling. There were moments when I felt I was being told rather than shown about the characters. But the writing was good enough that those who aren't especially picky about this may not notice it. The author did move the story along at a steady and engaging pace appropriate to the nature of the story. Here is a teaser and you can decide if it entices you to read more or not.

They were being followed.
Brian was sure of it. He'd had inklings of it from almost the moment he'd met Joanna at the school, but had shoved them to the back of his mind, only wanting to revel in the joy of seeing her again. Now, as they made their way past the lagoon where the swan boats plied the waters of spring, he knew someone was behind them dogging their every move. (pg. 289)

I will say I am very interested in the author's motivations behind this book. Stay tuned and we'll find out more about this on Monday when he stops by for an interview!

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent this book for an honest review as part of a blog tour with Tracee of Pump Up Your Book Promotions.


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

That's a good way to put it. I felt that way about the characters in Christmas Cookie Club.

sumanam said...

Jenny, you are right about the characters.I felt that too.

Laughing Stars said...

The premise of this novel is intriguing. :-)

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