Alice in Wonderland Challenge -- October 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

For those of you who completed any of the tasks for this challenge during October of 2009, please link your reviews on mcklinky below. If you completed more than one task, please list them separately. I will also mark them off on my spreadsheet so I can see how far you are (I'm keeping track for purposes of giving out prizes later). MckLinky is only open for 5 days so if you don't get your review linked you can do so next month. Remember, only those who link their reviews here are eligible for prizes.

Last month was the first month that we placed our links here. For those of you competing, our winner so far is Sumanam of I Read who has completed 5 of the 8 tasks. She is followed by Andrea at The Little Bookworm who has completed 3. And for housekeeping, Vampira268, if you are reading this, I need you to link to your actual review. Your link on last month's entry goes to your main challenge page so as of now I don't have any tasks marked as completed for you.

Keep in mind that the challenge cannot be completed until the Tim Burton movie is out in March, so if you haven't joined yet, you still have time! If you'd like to, click on the picture above and it will take you to the page with the MckLinky sign up!


Andrea said...

Actually I completed 4 last month but it only showed as 3 because 1 post contained 2 reviews.

Mark said...

I've completed three, really. I'm just behind on my blog reviews (reviews are up at Epinions for all three).

Oh well, if I don't get them done this week, it will look like I was amazing next month.

Jenny said...

Andrea -- oops sorry about that! I glanced at the Alice Through the Looking Glass and was thinking that was a separate review of the book Through the Looking Glass which I had counted on your double review post. All fixed now. =)

Mark -- haha, yeah, that will work too! Just link them whenever you do get them done. =)

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