Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Has anyone been to BEA before? I'm trying to find out more about it to decide if I should try to go or not. I wonder if as much as I love books and am interested in the publishing industry, if the conference would keep my interest the entire time. I also wouldn't want to spend the money for the conference and then decide I'd rather spend my time exploring the city.

Anyone have any tips, experiences, etc. for me?

Thanks in advance!


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I've never been but know many people who have gone. It is a fun time though it has changed a lot over the far as not as many publishers or a lot of different books.

I am planning on going, if everything stays sane. My friend Cheryl and I are planning a trip. I also want to be a part of the Blogger Convention if it happens.

I think spending the money for BEA would be worth it. You would still have the evenings to go and see the city!

Trish said...

After all the buzz this year I'm really going to try and go next year!

Amanda said...

I haven't been, but I"m going to try to go next time!

Melissa - Shhh I'm Reading said...

I haven't been, so no advice from me...

I did want to let you know Her Fearful Symmetry arrived today. Thanks again!

bookjourney said...

I really want to go too but feel like you do. I dont know a lot about it... nervous about it... etc...

And yeah I want to do the convention too :)

trish said...

You can ask me any questions you want!

I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY loved it and thought it was worth the money. You get a ton of books, you get exposure to authors you might not otherwise meet/learn about (that's the cincher for me!), and you get to talk to publicists/publishers. Last year (and I'm assuming in 2010), bloggers got in for free under Press. So basically your paying for a hotel (and there's always someone needing a roomie!) and food and transportation (flight, cabs, etc). I mean, a conference like BEA would normally cost you $200-300, so getting in for free is killer. I think it's totally worth it, but we'll see what authors will be there next year.

I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have!

Jenny said...

Michelle -- I wanna go toooo (well, based on what I know about it). And that's true about the evenings... I think my hubby is not all about it because we just went to NYC this month and are planning another trip at Christmastime, hehe.. but what can I say? That's where it's going to be and that's good b/c I love NYC!!!

Trish and Amanda -- A part of me wants to go even more b/c so many bloggers I follow are going to/plan to be there!

Melissa -- thanks for letting me know and I'm glad it got there!

Sheila -- yeah... love another excuse to go there, but wonder if I'll regret spending such a large portion of the day at the conference. We'll see.. I'll probably try to convince my hubby to go (or let me go) anyway. Maybe I'll start that project in January. =)

Trish -- thank you so much!! You definitely make it sound fun! And I will be e-mailing you later to ask about it some more. =)

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