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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, by Jill at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Here's my pre-publication "can't-wait-to-read" selection:

From amazon.com:
How Rude!

Once Danny Tanner's bubbly daughter on America's favorite family sitcom, Jodie Sweetin takes readers behind the scenes of Full House and shares her terrifying -- and uplifting -- real-life story of addiction and recovery.

Jodie Sweetin grew up in front of America, melting our hearts and making us laugh for eight years as the cherub-faced middle child on Full House. Her ups and downs seemed not so different from our own, but more than a decade after the popular television show ended, the star we knew as goody-two-shoes Stephanie Tanner publicly revealed her shocking recovery from methamphetamine addiction. Even then, Jodie still kept a painful secret -- one that could not be solved in thirty minutes with a hug, a stern talking-to, or a bowl of ice cream around the family table. The harrowing battle she swore she had won was really just beginning.

In her deeply personal, utterly raw, and ultimately inspiring memoir, Jodie comes clean about the double life she led -- the crippling identity crisis that began at her birth, the hidden anguish of juggling a regular childhood with her Hollywood life, and the vicious cycle of abuse and recovery that led to a relapse even as she wrote this book. Jodie traveled the country speaking to college kids about her triumph over substance abuse, yet she partied nightly, spending tens of thousands of dollars on her habit. Her addiction tore her family apart and alienated her from her former Full House cast mates until becoming a mother gave her the determination and the courage to get sober.

Today, Jodie's life is a work in progress. Resilient, charming, and funny, she writes candidly about taking each day at a time. Hers is not a story of success or defeat, but of facing your demons, finding yourself, and telling the whole truth -- unSweetined.

Publish date: November 3, 2009

Full House was my ABSOLUTELY favorite show when I was a kid. I still think it's a great show. I have seen every episode and can remember lots of details about every episode. (I even had Full House books, both fiction and the "about the show" ones, lol!) And of course, considering she was my age, Stephanie (Jodi Sweetin) was my favorite character. It's been sad to see where her life has taken her after Full House was over. Hopefully she has gotten her life back together for good.

I will be, for sure, buying this book the day it comes out!


Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

I remember the Friday night line up of Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step. My family and I would always watch these shows.

I would be curious to know more about her story outside of what People magazine has already told me. !

Mark said...

I've just become a fan of Full House in the last few years, but I am very curious about this book as well.

Melissa said...

I loved Full House. I will definitely try to get my hands on a copy of this one.


okbolover said...

I *ahem* can't stand Full House. Never liked it when I was a kid. However my brother loved it and he's like 15 years older than I am :P I know funny huh? although I do recall being shocked when I heard about her addiction.

Faye said...

the cover is cute :D it looks interesting.

Laughing Stars said...

I used to like Full House; my kids and I watched re-runs every day on TBS. :-) This book sounds really interesting and heart-wrenching.


Jenny said...

Michelle -- you were a TGIF fan!!! I remember that line up too. I can still sing each of those theme songs, lol. Perfect Strangers was at the end I think for a little bit.

Mark -- it's def. a great, "wholesome" family show

Melissa -- I'll let you know how it is for sure!

Karoline -- haha... well that's ok. =) It was pretty corny and stuff, but as a kid I loved it.

Faye -- yeah, I think the title is clever, hehe

Laughing stars -- i love the reruns... actually have the first season on dvd, lol!

Sarbear said...

From Full House? I heard she did drugs for a while. I'm hoping she stays straight-laced for a while now : )

Jenny said...

Yeah, apparently it was really bad. I hope so too!

...Mrs.P! said...

I so didn't know this was coming out! Like you this was my fav show as a kid so this is def going on the wishlist!

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

My kid sister LOVED Full House and therefore I watched quite a bit of it. I would love to read this. Great review.

Jenn-ay said...

I love love love Full House...TGIF's...LOL. Didn't also get moved to like Tuesdays. I remember I was so upset when the Disneyworld episode was interrupted b/c of some emergency or car chase in my city. I went to bed really mad that night.

thetruebookaddict said...

I watched it when it first came on, but kind of lost touch with it later. I remember Jodi was a very cute girl, much cuter than Mary Kate and Ashley IMO! It's a shame about what happened in her past. Looks like she has overcome it now. Hopefully, she will be able to keep her life on track.

Jenny said...

mrs. p -- yeah I randomly ran across it somewhere and was so excited to see it!

juju -- i'll probably buy it and read/review it right away so stay tuned!

jenn-ay -- was that the oj chase? lol! one time my sister and i got in trouble and had to go to bed early which made us miss full house. we were sooooooooo upset and were so happy the following day when our parents let us know they had recorded it for us so we didn't have to miss it, lol! i guess if my kids were into a good, wholesome show like that i might encourage watching it too. =)

Michelle -- I hope she's overcome it too. yeah, the olson twins are sort of irritating now that they're adults, but we don't usually hear much about the other girls.

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