The Sunday Salon

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I wasn't going to post this today because I've been so tired and overwhelmed with stuff lately but I have a few minutes and changed my mind. I think at least the last two posts have been about my lack of reading time. This will be my last!! It's just I'm so busy because after work and on the weekends I am meeting with clients for my internship. Then when I'm at home I'm writing progress notes and whatnot. By the time I get around to reading I can't concentrate b/c I have so much else on my mind still or I just can't even keep my eyes open! It's frustrating. But that's it! Last time I'll mention it. Eventually I'll get into some type of routine and that's just how it's going to be.

I'm currently reading The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. It took me a while to get really into it only b/c of my lack of reading time, but I made some headway too and I'm really enjoying it! Hopefully I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. I need to b/c I have so much else to read, lol!

I did receive some awards this week but I've done a very bad job of keeping up with them... I'll go back later and post about them and pass them on! I also won another giveaway this week for Of Bees and Mist from Heather at Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World.

As for my big 100 followers giveaway coming up... y'all are being too nice, lol!! I'll definitely include some type of scarier book in the giveaway (I already have a couple ideas) but I want to give away books you guys would really want! I don't want to use a book that I would like and have it turn out I'm one of the only ones, but I don't want to offer a book(s) that I think is really popular and come to find everyone already has it or has entered 50 other contests for it. So I'm still open to more suggestions!


okbolover said...

looking forward to your review on the "Deliverance Dane" book I have that on my wishlist, wondering if it's worth the read or not :)

justicejenniferreads said...

Busy is the story of my life right now. I'm surprised some days that I even find time to sleep. The scary part? My job and school haven't even really started yet! This is just training. Oh well, it doesn't help to complain. But now you know why I'm commenting on week old posts and pretty MIA from my own blog. I need to work on that!

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