It's Time to Vote

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's time to go vote!! The voting form is the first thing that comes up on the awards section here, but under that is a list of all of the blogs with links. I plan on looking through and voting carefully, though most of the blogs I've never heard of, lol! I did start following one recently that was short listed for general review blog which I was impressed with before I realized it was.

I really need to get a couple interviews done and sent over today -- one for an author who has been patiently waiting (whose book I recently reviewed) and one for my BBAW week partner. I also want to try to get some of my BBAW week posts ready ahead of time so I don't have to worry about it on the actual days.

I picked up at least one of the books that will be used in my upcoming BIG giveaway... hopefully it's one you will like. It's one I have really been wanting to read and it's a "spookier" one.

I also need to do the ABC's meme which I've been tagged to do a few times, but I'll get around to it. And, oh yeah, I've got actual work work to do too, lol -- progress notes and communication logs which really won't take long once I settle in to do it... I just don't want to start!

Anyway, the point of this post... go vote for BBAW!


What We're Reading! said...

I know, I'm so excited about BBAW, even just to be aware of all the great bloggers out there! I've been skimming through the longlist and it has great links.

Jenny said...

I can't even imagine how many more blogs I'll be adding to my google reader, lol!!

NY Book Cafe said...

Hey Jenny...thanks for your comments, and letting me know about the reader. I will look into it. BBAW should certainly be exciting!

Amanda said...

I can't believe how many book blogs are on the short lists that I've never even heard of! My google reader's going to explode, I think. :)

Jenny said...

LOL, Amanda, me too!

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