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Friday, August 1, 2008

I would love to accept requests for reviews. While I can only do a limited number at a time, it will be my responsibility to not accept those I cannot complete. Therefore, the books that are sent to me for review will be posted as soon as possible, approximately 2-3 weeks from the time the book is received at the latest.
I am currently a little backlogged so reviews will take a little longer. I will, however, work on this and get all reviews posted. (9/19/09)

In addition to being posted here, reviews will be posted and/or discussed on paperbackswap, goodreads, librarything, book, amazon, and However, there might be a slight delay in when I post on these other sites, as my first goal is to post it here. My favorite genres are contemporary fiction and mystery/thriller, but I also read various books from other genres.

One last thing -- I am honest in my reviews. While I try to be nice in what I say, I will say what I truly feel since this is my blog and my opinions.

Thank you!


Lucille said...

Hi Jenny,
I am new at this blogging business, and a new author. Thanks for the invite. I would like to participate in your takeaway scheme and propose my book for review. The title is The Dust of a Thousand Places (ISBN 9781843864820). It is historical fiction, set in Aden, South Yemen. If you are interested, I could ask the publisher to send you a copy. My email is Thanks

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