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Monday, July 27, 2009

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about online book sites…

Do you have an account with an online book database site (LibraryThing, Shelfari, GoodReads etc)? If so, do you have a preference? Do you use it for - your own record keeping? finding new books to read? social networking?

I actually have an account with all three, lol! I've joined so many book sites but don't use all of them. I liked how Shelfari has the book covers all on a shelf so it looks like a virtual library. I think their discussions were easier to navigate too. But I haven't used that one in a while. I currently am using Goodreads and Librarything, partly because I signed up with the early reviewer groups on both pages. I like Goodreads better because I can put an unlimited amount of books. I haven't figured out the best way to network or keep up with discussions there, though. Librarything seems to have more "sophisticated" discussions, but then a lot of there discussions boards aren't as interesting to me or I have nothing to contribute. I like the site for the most part, though, except that I've maxed out at 200 books. I don't really want to pay to keep up even though it's not too expensive.

On both librarything and Goodreads, I have catalogued all the books I've read since 2005 (since that was when I first started keeping track). I guess I'll just randomly add books from before that as I think of them. I don't really use either sight for looking for new books. I get enough of that just in general and from paperbackswap. I need to figure out how to better socially network on both those sites (esp. Goodreads).


okbolover said...

heeeeyy I didn't know librarything had a limit???? what's up with that????? *starts to protest* :P

I like shelfari too :) it hasn't dissapointed me so far.

Susan B. Evans said...

I am a GoodReads gal - but I have accounts with the others as well.

Here is my answer.

Jenny said...

Okbo -- More than once I've tried to add a book and was confused when it wouldn't let me, lol!

Susan B. Evans said...

Hi Jenny - The GoodReads montage widget is just under the "My Books Widget" on that same page - it's called "Grid Widget" and it makes a cool montage for your blog. I have two and I love them!

Jenny said...

Thanks Susan!!

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