Friday Finds

Friday, July 31, 2009

I haven't participated in Friday Finds before, but I was at Barnes and Noble tonight and found something that looks really good!

From Amazon (Publisher's Weekly):

This retelling of Cinderella follows the oft ignored character of the fairy godmother, who may or may not be a mentally ill New Yorker. Lil, as this godmother is known, is now living in New York City, broke and employed at a bookstore, years after being exiled from the kingdom of fairies for betraying her charge. Condemned to live as an old woman, her wings bound to her back as penance, Lil is overcome by longing for what she has lost, slipping in her recollections of her idyllic past into the harsh present. When she meets Veronica, a young woman perpetually dogged with man problems, Lil sees an opportunity to redeem herself. But as the narrative progresses, cracks in Lil's story (and psyche) emerge. Needless to say, readers expecting magical carriages and glass slippers will be surprised by the novel's morose tone, and though the surprise conclusion doesn't quite work, Turgeon's takes on nostalgia and regret are surprisingly clear-eyed given her narrator's unbalance.


NY Book Cafe said...

Hi Jenny,

Sounds interesting...will have to check it out!

bookjourney said...

I like the sounds of this..... kind of think it is cool when authors take apart the old stories and let you know the "behind the scenes" LOL

Jenny said...

I think so too... but they have to be careful not to ruin it!

Linda Ellen said...

Nice find! I might have picked it up if I had seen it at a bookstore too. =)

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