Heartsick (mini-review)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

In this new thriller series, Chelsea Cain writes about a detective who was tortured by a previous serial killer he had been tracking down (The Beauty Killer), and then was mercifully let go. After taking time away from work to deal with this trauma, Archie returns to work to track down another serial killer. However, the effect that the Beauty Killer has on his life doesn't end there. In this, a sick and twisted serial killer character is developed.

I heard so many wonderful things about Heartsick by Chelsea Cain before I read it, so I expected to be absolutely blown away. While I wasn't completely blown away, I was maybe only a step or two below that. Cain wrote an suspenseful thriller/mystery with interesting characters. The "relationship" between Archie and The Beauty Killer is one that would be an interesting contribution to the field of psychology and criminal justice! I will be reading the next one, just to see how crazy the characters and situation get!


lorisreadingcorner said...

It becomes even more sick and twisted ;)

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