The Dowry Bride (mini-review)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shobhan Bantwal's The Dowry Bride tells the story of a young bride bride in India, trying to make the best of an arranged marriage. Then one night, she overhears her husband and mother-in-law talk about murdering her due to her father not yet paying the promised dowry. She then runs to the aid of a cousin of her husband's.

While the premise of this book was great, I was disappointed in the reading. The simple language took away from the literary feel. Also, the story read more like a romance in some parts than a contemporary fiction. I kept reading because I felt that something more had to happen, but it turned out to be anticlimactic. There was definitely some potential, but may have been better as a short story, which according to the author's website is how it was originally intended.


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