Secondhand World (mini-review)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Isadora Myung Hee Sohn—Isa—has just spent ninety-five days in a pediatric burn unit in Albany, New York, recovering from the fire that burned her house and killed her parents. Moving back in time, Secondhand World casts a devastating spell, revealing the circumstances that led to the fire.

Growing up the daughter of Korean-born parents, Isa is bullied by American classmates and barely noticed at home. Seeking the company of another outsider, Isa falls in love with Hero, an albino boy. But what starts out as a small teenage rebellion sets in motion a series of events and revelations Isa never could have foreseen.

This was a very fast read. It was a coming of age novel about a girl who grows up the daughter of Korean parents living in the states, and all the cultural issues associated with it. She falls in love with an albino boy, likely due to the fact that they are both different. The story doesn't have so much to do with the fire but the life that was lived up until that point. It was very interesting and can be read in almost a single sitting. Very good book!


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